Erotic Gay Massage in your hotel room


Your benefits by choosing outcall

In two words: pleasure and convenience. As a gay masseur I have the goal of fulfilling your desire of well-being. I will relax your body and mind using Tantra and Thai massage, and will satisfy your desire of sensuality and your need to enjoy a blissful climax.


I’m able to adapt to your schedule and preferences. You are welcomed to express your desires and your limits. This intimate gay massage is about you!

No surprises

I never show up with extra taxi tickets, never ask for tips. I only speak about final prices. Exactly the same as serving you at my premises. No extra fees of any kind.


“Your touch is so loving! It is a blissful erotic experience I’d be getting addicted to. Ah, and you look much better in real life than on these pictures —something not too frequent when it comes to escorts and masseurs!”.

My outcall massage service is the safest, most convenient, discreet and anonymous.

My service is available anytime 24/7. Be safe and please book ahead if you plan a massage after 11 PM.

This massage service I’m offering you is a very personal and intimate one. Please note that I never perform oral nor anal sex since I’m not an escort.

Since I’m not an escort you can trust my absolute discretion. I dress as regular citizen. Never causing drama or uncomfortable situations. I have a high level of education and I’m a traveled man.

We serve a specific massage service between 11 PM and 10 AM. This service covers all taxi expenses inside Barcelona city. Please understand that after 11 PM we offer just the best massage menu.


This you will only know after enjoying the massage. Here and now it is only words. My goal is your satisfaction, and this is only possible delivering a quality service in all aspects, not just the massage.

Mine is a premium service for elegant gentlemen, gay or straight. Massage of any kind needs a specific training. Every detail about my service is quality. And you will soon discover if you honor me with your booking.

Hotels and studio massage

Most of the times my service is asked for outcalls at hotels and private apartments. If you need to visit a massage studio please contact me. I can arrange a session in the best (and legal) studios in Barcelona adapting to your location and preferences.

+34 676 648 226

Or please send an SMS with your info. I answer immediately.

Price dealing

I usually can’t accept dealing my prices. This is a very special kind of service, the opposite to mass production. And have in mind as well that taxis and all other expenses are included in my final rates. My goal is offering a quality service for your satisfaction.

Since I’m not an escort you can count on my absolute discretion in all departments. I always dress as a regular young man.

Outside Barcelona

I want to serve you anyway! Hotels placed out the city (Sitges, Airport hotels, Hesperia Tower l’Hospitalet, Holiday Inn, Mataró, etc) need extra commuting fees. Just ask me!

Very easy: send me an e-mail:

Your perfect hotel outcall massage

Outcall gay massage service is a wonderful option. Most of us are living in a too accelerated pace and under constant stress. Both personal and business lives are leaving small room for wellbeing and happiness.

Sometimes we need some deep and sensual relax, some quality time to spend by ourselves. Enjoying this special experience helps rebalancing mind and body.

And just for pleasure.

The sensual massage as I understand it goes beyond a regular massage that just pampers your anatomy. Let me take it further, to the world of eroticism, bliss, ecstasy.

Take my hand and join me to a trip to pleasure.